Medical Curriculum Innovations


About the project

The need for standardized curriculum particularly in medical education is indispensable. Today a comprehensive platform that would cover all necessary instruments for easy in-depth curriculum management is still missing. For any platform to achieve these goals, it is essential that data standards are used to enable the systems to communicate across organizations and implementations.

The project comes up with two intellectual outcomes: 1) To standardize medical curriculum management system (OPTIMED platform), 2) To propose innovative methodological background to evaluate and map medical curricula, 3) To build an original model to compare medical curricula, 4) To foster increased awareness of existing educational standards produced by MedBiquitous, 5) To provide an exemplar implementation for dissemination of best practice.

MedBiquitous standards

The intention will be to focus these standards developments through MedBiquitous Consortium, the leading organization in the development and promotion of technology standards for the health professions. Formed from a wide ranging group of professional associations, universities, commercial, and governmental organizations, MedBiquitous develops set of proven standards to advance lifelong learning, continuous improvement, and better patient outcomes for the health.

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MEDCIN introductory video


The Medical Faculties Network (MEFANET) has established itself as the authority for setting standards for medical educators in the Czech Republic and Slovakia, two independent countries with similar languages that once comprised a federation and that still retain the same curricular structure for medical education.

Institutions inside MEFANET will get a modernised biomedical science curriculum component, utilising competency-based pedagogy that better links with clinical practice, ultimately leading to improved methods of developing and assessing clinical competency in learners.

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